We All Want to Feel Loved. M&A Is No Different.<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

We All Want to Feel Loved. M&A Is No Different.Premium 

We all want to feel special, to believe we make a difference, that we contribute to society whether it be through job creation, volunteering our time or some other means. M&A is no different. Target company CEOs and management teams want to feel loved. This is especially true of founder CEOs. Should a founder CEO wish to sell his/her business, they will want to be fairly compensated, but will also care deeply about what life will look like post-deal. For example:

  • “Who will my team report to?”
  • “What do you (the acquirer) know about my business? My industry?”
  • “Will you invest in my industry/ do you have a history of making acquisitions in the industry?”
  • “What will Sales cross-training look like?”
  • “What if I become disabled and am unable to fulfill my duties?”
  • “How will myself and key employees be compensated? Upfront vs. performance-based compensation split?”
  • “What are performance-based metrics based upon – Revs vs. EBITDA vs. Bookings..?”