CEO Pay Ratios

CEO Pay Ratios

Some CEOs help generate significant returns, while others are content to watch the world burn…

Lyft is off 22% from its $72 IPO price, but we will save the glorified taxi discussion for another day. We calculated CEO Pay Ratios for a number of CEOs and Board chairs (ACCESS OUR DATA HERE). Should you wish to receive the Excel version email us at: The Pay Ratios don’t tell much of a story on their own and are largely subject to where employees are domiciled (mature market employees are substantially more expensive than emerging market employees as one might imagine).

One potentially informative exercise would be to track how the pay ratio for a particular company has changed over time. That time series data could then be reviewed in conjunction with CEO total compensation, stock performance, Revenue and EBITDA growth over the same period for the peer group and for the broader industry. We unfortunately don’t readily have access to published financial data but expect that to change in the near future.

Our table (link above), includes: 1) CEO total compensation, 2) median employee compensation, 3) the pay ratio (CEO comp to median employee comp), 4) company name, 5) ticker and 6) sector. The spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically by ticker symbol. Enjoy the weekend!