Tesla’s $2.3 Billion CEO Compensation Package

Tesla’s $2.3 Billion CEO Compensation Package

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s $2.3 Billion compensation package is an example of poor corporate governance and a self-serving Board (ACCESS Our Commentary HERE). For examples of how to run a business well and fairly compensate CEOs for performance – look no further than CoStar (tkr: CSGP) and SS&C (tkr: SSNC).

Our CSGP and SSNC data tables (ACCESS CSGP & SSNC DATA HERE) provide financial performance detail around each company’s ability to consistently grow Revenue, Adjusted EBITDA and Operating Cash Flow (we’ve included figures from 2009-2019). Further, CEO compensation levels for each firm are reasonable and but a fraction of the substantial EBITDA each company generates (2.9% for CSGP and 0.8% for SSNC). See data table for more.

Access our CSGP and SSNC tables here

Below is our recent podcast episode, video and slides from our Tesla CEO Compensation report (also available at the top of this note in PDF form).

Video version of our preso.

Access our Tesla CEO Compensation & Board Commentary Here

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