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While the iPhone is an over-priced commodity, it is a key strategic component of Apple’s growth strategy. Apple missed on its Content business strategy but Apple Pay/Card and Apple Health are long-term growth opportunities. Will Apple capitalize? Our overview of Apple’s business follows.

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Focusing on phones, the iPhone at this juncture is an over-priced commodity, especially when compared to the OnePlus and Google’s Pixel A series (the two best values on the market in our view). However, with more than 2 billion Apple devices in circulation, the iPhone – while not a growth product itself – serves as the Trojan horse that will enable Apple to have a bite at growth. Growth in the form of Apple Pay/Card and Apple Health. We won‘t spend time on Apple‘s smart home devices as the company is so far behind in the AI game that its devices are irrelevant, especially when compared to Google Home devices which are manufactured by the global AI leader.