The Death of Netflix

The Death of Netflix

The Death of Netflix and the Rise of DisneyPlus

We have been negative on Netflix for years, first publishing our disdain for the expensive middle man in December 2017. We have always viewed Disney as the cream of the crop in the original content world – having the best content portfolio across legacy Disney characters, Marvel, Lucasfilm and more recently Fox – all of which may be packaged in future feature film, episodic television, video games and virtual/ mixed reality offerings.

The original content game is the equivalent of catching lightning in a bottle. “Hits” are not easy to come by – despite Netflix’s approximate $15 billion content budget (including licensed, acquired and original content).

The threat of Disney going direct-to-consumer always loomed, but now it is reality in the form of DisneyPlus. Netflix supporters are rightly fearful of the mouse.

NFLX chart – Dec 2017 through Sept 2019. Plenty of room to further roll over.

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