Google’s Only Real AI Competition? China

Google’s Only Real AI Competition? China

How do you catch Google – the AI leader – if you are Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or any other Tech giant? Answer: You can’t. However, China can.

Amazon and Microsoft have partnered on machine learning (“ML”), with their joint ML initiative – Gluon. That’s a start but at the end of the day, effective AI/ML/Deep Learning efforts require vast amounts of data within a particular domain or across multiple domains depending on the use case. One way to capture vast amounts of data is to collect information on a large data set. One of the largest data sets in the world is the population of mainland China – approximately 1.4 billion people. Think of the endless number of data points that may be captured. One such experiment involves data collection in the classroom – a data junkie’s dream, an Orwellian nightmare for others. Why describe the experiment with words when one may watch a brief video?

China using AI in the classroom (per WSJ)

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