ServiceNow to Go Vertical

ServiceNow to Go Vertical

ServiceNow (ticker: NOW) plans to take a vertical-specific, go-to-market approach under new CEO Bill McDermott. Banking and Telecom will be the first verticals introduced under a partner-led model.

We Applaud ServiceNow’s Vertical Orientation

As Technology companies scale it becomes increasingly important to incorporate industry vertical domain expertise into product and service offerings in order to capture additional customer wallet share.

Deloitte and Accenture Stand to Gain

  • Deloitte will become the “Lead Launch” partner for ServiceNow’s banking solution. The two companies currently partner on ServiceNow’s Financial Close Automation product.
  • Accenture will become the “Lead Launch” partner for ServiceNow on its new telecom solution which seeks to capitalize off of 5G. Accenture and Apple (ticker: AAPL) have a partnership where 5G is a core element.

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