Reopening America: The Numbers

Reopening America: The Numbers

19 states began to reopen for business in a limited capacity. States adhered to the Phase I protocol recently outlined by the Trump Administration (we covered here), a key component of which includes social distancing/ limiting occupancy. 20-50% business occupancy limits are common with most states closer to 20%. These limitations will certainly hinder an economic recovery. We have built an interactive database that details the economic attributes of each reopening state (the attributes are listed below). You may view and download the interactive Excel version HERE (multiple worksheets). Click HERE to view and download the interactive PDF version. Contact me at with any questions.

A description of the data elements found within our Interactive Excel & PDF reports:

  • State Name and whether a particular state has reopened (Yes/No): Spoiler – all 19 states outlined here have opened on a limited basis;
  • Business Establishment Limited Capacity (Yes/No): All states listed have limitations on the number of people that may be allowed to gather at retail establishments, gyms, churches and various social gatherings;
  • Governor name and party affiliation;
  • 2019 GDP by state: includes links to the St. Louis Fed tables.
  • Total employment by state (as of May 2019);
  • Food Preparation and Serving Related Employment (May 2019): This recession will be deep and widespread. However, we received inquiries about the “Food Preparation and Serving Related” industry category so this is the one industry vertical we highlighted in our database;
  • Unemployment Rate by state: As reported in March 2020 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”). Includes links to the BLS data tables.
  • Occupational data by state: Includes links to various BLS data elements.
  • Comments: Comments about the self-imposed state limitations on business.

Boston area restaurant owner commentary

Kansas City restaurant owner commentary

New York and Georgia restaurant owner Willie Degel

Tim Love operates multiple restaurants in the DFW area

Denver area restaurant owner operator