Work From Home Is Here To Stay

Work From Home Is Here To Stay

We believe that many companies will leverage work from home’s lower cost structure by making this option available to employees. We highlight two technology companies that exclusively operate in a distributed fashion: GitLab and Automattic.

GitLab and Automattic place a premium on documenting everything from organizational structure to output-driven expectations to corporate culture and day-to-day work flows.

  • GitLab distributed employees: 1,295.
  • DevOps: GitLab is building a leading collaboration tool for DevOps that is used by more than 100,000 organizations including Goldman Sachs, Siemens and Sony.
  • Global Distributed Team: GitLab’s distributed team operates across 67 countries and regions.
  • Well-defined Org Structure: GitLab does a better job of articulating the company’s organizational structure and operational priorities than any other company I can think of. Visit GitLab’s Organizational Structure and Output pages. GitLab’s Culture page is also interesting.
7:50 mark: GitLab Co-Founder & CEO Sid Sijbrandij talks about managing a distributed organization.

  • Automattic distributed employees: 1,170.
  • WordPress: Automattic developed an opensource Content Management platform that includes WordPress (TEK2day is built on WordPress), Tumblr, Crowdsignal and more.
  • The Automattic Creed: Automattic, like GitLab, has articulated its culture in “The Automattic Creed.”
  • Founder-driven culture: Automattic was founded by Matt Mullenweg. Read about why Matt believes that every company should have a creed HERE.
Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg discusses leading a distributed company.

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