More Debt-Funded “Stimulus” Ensures Near Zero Real GDP Growth

More Debt-Funded “Stimulus” Ensures Near Zero Real GDP Growth

This next round of debt-funded stimulus will ensure that the U.S. economy look much like Japan’s at least for the next decade if not the next 20-30 years. The fiscal side of the ledger is a deficit-promoting mess and the monetary side is complicit by way of subsidizing the debt. Fed official Neel Kashkari believes the answer is to simply print more money. We have never met a Fed official who believes otherwise. Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell articulate the case against loose fiscal and monetary policy and the inherent problems of a strong, centralized government far better than I. So here they are. If you are less into the fiscal side and more into social issues Messrs. Friedman and Sowell have you covered on that topic as well in this 10-part series.

Free To Choose – Vol. 01: “The Power of the Market”

Free To Choose – Vol. 02: “The Tyranny of Control”

Free To Choose – Vol. 03: “Anatomy of Crisis”

Free To Choose – Vol. 04: “From Cradle to Grave.”

Free To Choose – Vol. 05: “Created Equal.”

Free To Choose – Vol. 06: “What’s Wrong with Our Schools?”

Free To Choose – Vol. 07: “Who Protects the Consumer?”

Free To Choose – Vol. 08: “Who Protects the Worker?”

Free To Choose – Vol. 09: “How to Cure Inflation”

Free To Choose – Vol. 10: “How to Stay Free”

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