Three High Quality CEOs

Three High Quality CEOs

We recently called out several CEOs for putting forth less than optimal efforts. Conversely, here are several long-time, high quality CEOs – two of them founders – of market-leading companies.

Tickers mentioned: Clarivate Analytics (tkr: CCC), CoStar Group (tkr: CSGP), SS&C Technologies (tkr: SSNC)

Here are three quality CEOs where investors won’t have to worry about fraud (Wirecard, Nikola), half-baked acquisition strategies (Oracle) nor weak deal due diligence (GM). CoStar CEO Andy Florance. Clarivate CEO Jerre Stead. SS&C Technologies CEO Bill Stone.

Each CEO/Company leverages smart acquisitions as a core element to drive revenue, operating profits and cash flow growth. If you regularly read these pages and listen to our podcast you are aware that we favor CEOs who have operationalized an acquisition strategy to drive growth.

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Admittedly CoStar’s valuation is a bit rich, but not out of line by today’s Tech bubble standards (side note: how are institutional investors participating in Tech IPOs at outlandish valuations while claiming to be fiduciaries?). CCC is less expensive and SS&C is cheap by comparison.

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