Amazon Is Reshaping Healthcare

Amazon Is Reshaping Healthcare

Amazon (tkr: AMZN) is one of four firms working to reshape the healthcare landscape along with Walmart (tkr: WMT), Alphabet (tkr: GOOG) and Apple (tkr: AAPL).

Amazon has established positions in key strategic areas of the healthcare market including healthcare services and insurance (via its Haven joint venture with Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan) as well as its online pharmacy platform through its acquisition of PillPack. AWS and Alexa provide a competitive edge over Walmart and Apple’s efforts in the Healthcare arena but not over Alphabet. The linchpin to making this all work is Amazon’s trusted relationship with consumers.

Healthcare IT powered by AWS: Amazon sells NLP-powered EHR-mining software “Amazon Comprehend Medical” (an AWS-powered service), that captures unstructured data from EHRs, clinical trial reports and physician notes and automatically links captured data to medical ontologies.

In-Home Healthcare powered by Alexa: Learn more about Alexa in healthcare from our TEK2day article “Amazon Wants To Know How You Feel

source: USPTO and Gizmodo

PBM/ PillPack: PillPack will serve as the backbone for Amazon’s recently announced online pharmacy platform.

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