Chrome vs. Edge: Browser Wars 2.0

Chrome vs. Edge: Browser Wars 2.0

It is our contention that beginning Friday evening Microsoft prevented LinkedIn users from accessing the online service via Chrome’s browser.

We believe Microsoft prevented users from accessing its LinkedIn service via Chrome in the hopes of:

  • Causing a bit of pain for Google/Alphabet;
  • Potentially capturing a cohort of new Edge users who used Microsoft’s browser to access LinkedIn

“Why would Microsoft do such a thing?” some have contended. After all, the new version of Edge is based on the Chromium platform. The answer is to further control the user experience of Microsoft customers and to grow mindshare of the Microsoft brand.

The folks at The Verge did a nice job of evaluating Microsoft’s Edge browser HERE.

Microsoft could make the user experience for its Enterprise products less reliable on Google’s Chrome browser in an effort to force users over to Edge. This weekend’s LinkedIn experiment could be the initial foray down that path.

Source: Downdetector