Don’t Expect AT&T to Sell WarnerMedia In The Near-Term

Don’t Expect AT&T to Sell WarnerMedia In The Near-Term

A WarnerMedia sale is not likely to happen before Q4 2021.

A WarnerMedia sale is likely to occur, but not before calendar Q4 2021. The WarnerMedia business unit is a significant drag on AT&T’s (tkr: T) ability to invest in its core, capital intensive, distribution/data/fiber business. Disney (tkr: DIS) is the natural buyer. Apple (tkr: AAPL) and Netflix (tkr: NFLX) have yet to demonstrate a penchant for large acquisitions. Such a deal would mark Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger’s swan song.

A sale is not imminent. WarnerMedia’s new content rollout strategy eliminates the traditional content windowing release schedule. Thus, WarnerMedia’s operations are too fluid for would-be-buyers to confidently assess forward revenues and EBITDA. This uncertainty means that prospective WarnerMedia acquisition bids would likely carry valuation haircuts too steep for AT&T to stomach. Two or three quarters of history under WarnerMedia’s new content delivery model would likely bolster its valuation. Four or more quarters would be even better.

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Ann Sarnoff, WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group Chair and CEO.