Twitter Is A Dumpster Fire

Twitter Is A Dumpster Fire

I have never witnessed a Technology company that so obviously lacks Product Market Fit (“PMF”), choose to ignore this existential weakness and instead focus on M&A litigation. Twitter (ticker: TWTR), has its priorities out of order.

Perhaps it is because Twitter knows that it lacks PMF and the culture to solve the problem that it has instead focused on the Musk acquisition as the Hail Mary pass to save the day.

I imagine TWTR’s June and September quarters will be weak when reported as what reputable Ad buyer would willingly increase Ad dollar allocations to Twitter given its state of disarray?

Twitter publishes more press releases related to the Musk transaction than it does for new product features.

I find Twitter Chairman Bret Taylor to be quite unimpressive given he speaks primarily of the Musk transaction, rarely about Twitter’s platform. What does that say about Taylor as Co-CEO at Salesforce (ticker: CRM)?

Other than the M&A play (we find the probability of closing the M&A transaction at close to zero percent unless TWTR materially cuts its price), it is next to impossible to make a case as for why one would want to own TWTR shares.

This Twitter drama can’t end soon enough.

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