Russia Ukraine – What Is The Endgame?

Russia Ukraine – What Is The Endgame?

What does the U.S. hope to achieve in the Russia Ukraine conflict? What is the endgame?

Russia Ukraine is a regional border war that has been off/on again for years. If you game theory this conflict out, the risk of tactical nuke deployment is real. I know, I know, Ukraine are the good guys and Zelenskyy is Jesus – after all, the Obama Administration installed him to power in 2014.

Therefore, the U.S. must send tanks/weaponry, field advisors and hundreds of billions of Dollars in aid so that we may have a “friendly” State bordering Russia?

Zelenskyy, the former comedian and TV actor who may or may not be worth $1 billion courtesy of Obama & Company is clean as a whistle I’m sure. After all, Zelenskyy was recently in Boca Raton, FL recruiting American companies to set up shop in Ukraine.

The U.S. does not need Russia’s wheat, natural gas (the U.S. is energy-independent from both an oil and natural gas standpoint if it wants to be), or technology. Therefore, what is the endgame? Don’t feed me the propaganda that we police “freedom” globally. To that end we have done precisely zero as it relates to China’s treatment of its Uyghur population.

While we print billions of Dollars in aid to the Ukraine, thereby diluting the value of the Dollar, (thus creating more inflation here at home), and risk further military escalation, we are supposed to believe that prolonging this conflict is a good thing for the U.S.? Why? So that JP Morgan may establish a toehold in Ukraine?