NLP & Productivity Apps: Microsoft Copilot

NLP & Productivity Apps: Microsoft Copilot

Back in March 2019 we wrote about the future use of NLP-powered applications across various industries – in particular Financial Services (our 2019 TEK2day article HERE). Microsoft (MSFT) is bringing natural language capability to its Productivity suite – Microsoft 365. This natural language offering has a name: “Copilot”. We include an example of Copilot deployed in Excel in the first YouTube video below (the embedded YouTube videos may appear as links in your email application).

We recently wrote that NLP-powered chatbots are most effective when the underlying machine learning models are trained on a specific domain, specific data sets or applications.

By focusing Copilot on its family of Productivity applications, Microsoft can deliver users a quick and effective ROI by enabling them to incorporate natural language commands into their workflow. These efficiency gains should help drive Microsoft 365 usage.

It will be interesting to observe whether Microsoft (ChatGPT/Copilot) or Google (Bard/Assistant) or Amazon (Alexa) license their respective NLP capability to Technology companies with data rich, industry-specific products and services. Companies such as Bloomberg (pvt.), Epic (pvt.), Factset (FDS), Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), S&P Global (SPGI), Solera (pvt.), SS&C Technologies (SSNC) and Verisk (VRSK), come to mind. Each company’s respective users would immediately benefit from NLP-powered capabilities.

Today Microsoft is testing Copilot with 20 customers, including 8 in Fortune 500 companies. No general availability date has yet to be provided. Learn more about Copilot HERE.

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