AI-Powered Convenience at Google I/O ’23

AI-Powered Convenience at Google I/O ’23

AI-powered convenience was the takeaway from this year’s Google I/O conference. When we use “AI” in this context we are speaking of Google’s Natural Language capabilities that leverage the company’s Large Language Models (LLMs). These models (Bard for example is built upon an LLM-based platform), enable users to engage with their devices using natural language commands (voice or text). This greatly enhances user convenience and productivity which will ultimately translate into greater user engagement and Revenue in my view.

Greater convenience & productivity = greater usage & more Revenue: Natural Language-enabled tasks will drive huge productivity gains and greater usage of Google products and services (as well as third-party products and services), ultimately driving Ad Revenue and Subscription Revenue lift for Google.

  • Ad Revenue: One such example would be ordering food delivery services from Instacart (a Google partner) using natural language commands as opposed to typing/tapping discrete commands on your phone. The more of your life that Google touches, the more insight the company gains which translates into Ad Revenue (even better if you conduct this activity on a Google Pixel device).
  • Subscription Revenue: I’m confident that natural language will drive greater usage of Google Photos, Maps, Workspace and the like such that users will increasingly trigger revenue events for data storage as well as increasingly opt-in to premium versions of YouTube, YouTube Music and more given that natural language greatly enhances the convenience of these services across various use cases.
  • Consumers and Enterprise Users: These productivity gains apply not only to consumers, but to enterprise users, whether it be usage of Google Workspace or leveraging Bard for code generation, debugging and explaining code as well as many other product use cases.

My college search: One such example of a natural language-enabled productivity gain was a college search that I conducted some months ago. It took me close to an hour to manually compile and organize that list within Google Sheets, including embedding links to Google Maps. Bard replicated my process in a minute or two by leveraging natural language across Google Search, Google Sheets and Google Maps.

Watch clip of how users are leveraging Bard across various coding processes.

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