Communicating with Investors: A CEO Handbook

Communicating with Investors: A CEO Handbook

Below is the high-level outline for our next book to be published as an Amazon Kindle book later this summer. The book will be focused on CEO communications with public company investors.

I. Define Your Company

  • What We Do & How We Do It
  • How We Create Customer Value
  • How We Create A Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • State of The Business

II. Consistent and Frequent Messaging

  • Earnings Calls, Banker Conferences & Analyst Days
  • Leveraging YouTube and Social Media

III. M&A as A Source of Competitive Differentiation

  • M&A as A Line of Business
  • Identifying Target Companies
  • Building Relationships with Target Companies
  • Valuing Target Companies
  • Defining The Strategic Rationale