Will Instagram Threads Kickstart META’s Growth?

Will Instagram Threads Kickstart META’s Growth?

I believe that Instagram’s Threads product has a better near-term growth opportunity than META’s misguided metaverse bet. Will Threads help META steal mojo from TikTok? I doubt it. Don’t be fooled – TikTok is the competitor that META is concerned with, not Twitter.

We live in a video-based world and most social media growth will come from the proliferation of online video and its natural evolution. From my perspective, the opportunity for both Instagram and TikTok is to incorporate mixed reality into each platform beyond filters.

Instagram ought to focus investment on tools that enable creators to enhance the production quality of their videos. Leverage Generative AI for automated idea generation. Instagram focusing on a text-based social app isn’t going to change the world.

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Instagram Threads: https://about.instagram.com/blog/announcements/threads-instagram-text-feature