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TEK2day was created by Jon Maietta and covers Technology, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, the Capital Markets and Corporate Governance. Part of the CEORater family, TEK2day is written for a wide-ranging audience including students and academic professionals, institutional investors, CEOs, Board members and the general public.

Jon is the founder & CEO of CEORater, a crowdsourced platform where employees, customers and investors may anonymously rate & review Companies and CEOs. Learn more by subscribing (free) to the CEORater Podcast on iTunes and by visiting CEORater.com

Jon’s career has been focused at the intersection of Technology and the Capital Markets. First, covering Enterprise Software, Financial Technology (“Fintech”) and Technology-Enabled Services as an Equity Research Analyst with Needham & Company followed by time leading Solera Holdings‘ Corporate Development (M&A) organization. Additionally, Jon had a brief stint as an angel investor with Cycad Capital – a firm he founded in Dallas, TX. Jon is based in the Boston area.