Advisory & Consulting

Advisory & Consulting

TEK2day has deep experience with publicly-traded and private companies across the broadly-defined Technology sector, particularly within Enterprise Software / SaaS / Cloud, Analytics, FinTech and InsurTech. Our services consist of the following:

Competitive Analysis: Our competitive analysis will inform your decision-making process as it relates to direct and indirect competitors as well as established competitors vs. upstarts. Further, we will assess potential threats from non-traditional competitors.

Customer and Institutional Investor Positioning: We will help craft your company’s story in a powerful and succinct manner so that it resonates with customers and investors.

Institutional Investor and M&A Due Diligence: in-depth company due diligence to support M&A practices as well as institutional investors. We leverage our proprietary process to evaluate executive management teams, product & service portfolios, strategic risks, competitive threats, governance-related issues and more.

Go-to-Market Strategy: We will help you define the optimal go-to-market approach. For example: direct vs. channel sales, online marketing strategy, e-commerce strategy, value-chain analysis and more.

M&A Strategy: Which companies are the optimal targets for your firm to acquire? What is a reasonable target company valuation? How best to prioritize the acquisition target list? How to value your company? We will work through M&A and valuation scenarios with you to inform your acquisition strategy.

Pricing Strategy: How much should I charge for my product or service? Are my products and services “priced-to-value”? How should I charge my customers – upfront, subscription, transaction or term-license? How do these decisions impact revenue recognition and valuation? We will work through these decisions with you.

Technology Strategy: We help design technology adoption strategies including artificial intelligence (“AI”), machine learning, deep learning and cloud. This process begins with defining the business problem, understanding available data sets as well as clients’ existing technology infrastructure. The greatest limiting factor is typically an organization’s imagination.

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