Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

We have deep experience with publicly-traded and private companies across the broadly-defined Technology sector, particularly within Software/SaaS/Cloud, Analytics, FinTech, InsurTech, AI and Tech-Enabled Services. Our consulting services consist of the following:

Competitive Analysis: Our competitive analysis will inform your decision-making process as it relates to direct and indirect competitors as well as established competitors vs. upstarts. Further, we will assess potential threats from non-traditional competitors.

Go-to-Market Strategy: We will help you think through the optimal go-to-market approach. For example: direct vs. channel sales, online marketing strategy, e-commerce strategy, value-chain analysis and more.

M&A Strategy: Which companies are the optimal targets for you to acquire? What is a reasonable target company valuation? How best to prioritize the acquisition target list? How should I value my company? We will work through M&A and valuation scenarios with you to inform your acquisition strategy.

Pricing Strategy: How much should I charge for my product or service? Are my products and services “priced-to-value”? How should I charge my customers – upfront, subscription, transaction, term-license? How do these decisions impact revenue recognition and valuation? We will work through these decisions with you.

Customer and Institutional Investor Positioning: We will help craft your company’s story in a powerful and succinct manner so that it resonates with customers and investors.

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