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Public Company Earnings Call Survival Kit

Public Company Earnings Call Survival Kit

Public company management teams would do well to allocate more time on earnings calls covering strategy & execution, sources of competitive differentiation and "why we win deals". Conversely, allocate less time reviewing quarterly minutiae that could be addressed within the prepared remarks and an accompanying slide presentation. Quarterly earnings calls are an opportunity for management … Continue reading Public Company Earnings Call Survival Kit

Founder CEOs: Creators vs. Builders<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

Founder CEOs: Creators vs. BuildersPremium 

Every founder CEO begins as a “creator”. Not every founder CEO graduates from “creator” to “builder”.  Creators eventually self-implode (Elon Musk, Tesla and Travis Kalanick, Uber) whereas other founders are able to scale over the long-term. For example, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos are builders (We provide a list of Builder CEOs … Continue reading Founder CEOs: Creators vs. BuildersPremium