Streaming Services Unbound

Streaming Services Unbound

There are a number of new streaming content providers on the block such as YouTube TV, ESPN+ and the forthcoming Disney+. In addition, legacy content providers such as the New York Times and CBS have caught subscription fever. (free article)

Subscription fatigue? Time will tell. We provide subscriber metrics including number of paid subscribers and subscription revenue for the following companies: Amazon, Apple, AT&T, CBS, Disney, Factset, Google, Hulu, Netflix, New York Times and Spotify.

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“Google By the Numbers” or, “How We Feed the AI”

“Google By the Numbers” or, “How We Feed the AI”

Sure, Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices are nifty, but there’s only one AI king of the jungle – Google. Google benefits from more nodes on the network – i.e. more input data from which to learn – than any other single technology platform. “Google By the Numbers” or “How We Feed the AI”:
  • Google processes 63,000+ search queries each second
  • 3.8 million searches per minute
  • 227 million searches per hour
  • 5.4 billion searches per day
  • 2 trillion searches per year
  • 15% of all Google searches have never been searched previously
  • More than 2 billion people with Chrome browsers. Chrome serves as a highly sophisticated data collection engine
  • People watch over a billion hours of video each day
  • Approximately 2 billion logged-in users watch video games on YouTube each month.
  • Passive to Active: as Google releases its cloud gaming offering – Stadia – many of today’s “passive” YouTube video game views will convert to “active” views. This translates to a richer data input set for Google’s data centers/AI / machine learning layer.