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Apple TV+

Apple TV+

We believe there is significant opportunity cost to Apple TV+. Admittedly it is difficult to quantify. Apple is transitioning from a transaction revenue model (iPhone and related device sales) to a hybrid revenue model as services such as Apple TV+ introduce a recurring revenue element. We like recurring revenue. By definition recurring revenue is predictable … Continue reading Apple TV+

Apple Should Double Down on Apple Health Now<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

Apple Should Double Down on Apple Health NowPremium 

The iPhone Is A High-Priced Commodity The iPhone is little more than a high-priced commodity at this juncture. There is little differentiation between it and lower cost alternatives (OnePlus for example) both from a design and feature functionality standpoint. However, with 2 billion-plus devices in circulation, Apple's future does not rest exclusively with new device … Continue reading Apple Should Double Down on Apple Health NowPremium