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Streaming Services Unbound

Streaming Services Unbound

There are a number of new streaming content providers on the block such as YouTube TV, ESPN+ and the forthcoming Disney+. In addition, legacy content providers such as the New York Times and CBS have caught subscription fever. (free article)

Subscription fatigue? Time will tell. We provide subscriber metrics including number of paid subscribers and subscription revenue for the following companies: Amazon, Apple, AT&T, CBS, Disney, Factset, Google, Hulu, Netflix, New York Times and Spotify.

Click here to access the PDF version of the below table. Email us at info@ceorater.com to request in Excel format.

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Content Wars & Investing for Tomorrow

Content Wars & Investing for Tomorrow

Not Apples to Apples but the Below Tells A Story..

  • YouTube (GOOG): More than 1.9 billion logged-in YouTubers each month. 200 million+ logged-in users watch people play games on YouTube each day. (YouTube/Stadia has one foot in today and one in tomorrow with traditional content and video games on the platform).
  • Netflix (NFLX): 139 million subscribers; (traditional content)
  • Hulu: 25 million subscribers; (traditional content)
  • Twitch (AMZN): 15 million daily active users (“DAUs”); (video games)
  • ESPN+ (DIS): 2+ million subscribers; (traditional content)
  • Apple’s New Content Service (AAPL): Another traditional content player. Where is management’s focus on “tomorrow”?