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Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem: Winners and Losers<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem: Winners and LosersPremium 

As the automobile sector transitions to autonomous vehicles we decided to publish our thoughts on prospective segment winners and losers across the automotive ecosystem. Our analysis assumes that the Automotive OEMs have achieved a baseline level of autonomous capability. We expect for the OEMs to develop autonomous capability via a three-pronged approach: 1.) internal R&D, 2.)…

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How to Fix IBM: M&A and More M&A

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NEW YORK––IBM has created a computer, called Watson, that will play against the b

Recently we posited that IBM could easily fix its habitually declining revenue woes with a systematic acquisition strategy focused on Information Services companies. The benefit to IBM in targeting the Information Services sector goes beyond the obvious immediate-term revenue relief and operating margin accretion.

The key strategic benefit is that the Info Services companies are rich with data and information that could serve as grist for the mill with respect to IBM’s advanced analytics initiative – Watson.

Here is the Information Services M&A shopping list which we previously published some weeks ago: Info Services M&A Shopping List

Further, here is our recent podcast covering the subject: Ep.6: How to Fix IBM: M&A and More M&A

Finally – our podcast show notes presentation may be found here: Show Notes Preso