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A CEO Analysis: Part II

A CEO Analysis: Part II

My recent CEORater Podcast where I discussed various Attributes on the CEORater platform that speak to a given CEO’s leadership style. We cover two Attribute groups: “Strategy & Tactics” and “Investor-Related”:

We have incorporated these and other CEO Attributes into the CEORater platform (42 Attributes in total).

The CEO Attributes are based on my experience as an Equity Research Analyst where I covered several hundred public and private technology companies, as a senior executive working within a Mid-Cap technology company and more recently as a technology entrepreneur. Stay tuned for Part III.



The Three “I”s for Selecting Board Members

The Three “I”s for Selecting Board Members:
1.) Intellectual Curiosity
2.) Industry Experience
3.) Inquisitive


IBM lacks Board members that have Software industry experience other than CEO Ginni Rometty. We recommend that IBM turn over its Board and replace BoD members with new members who have significant Software industry experience given that Software – particularly a strategic M&A plan focused on Software/SaaS/AI/ML/Info Services acquisitions – is likely what will lead IBM out of its malaise. If IBM does not address its BoD and Executive shortcomings proactively it is probable that an Activist investor will make changes for IBM – with or without the latter’s consent. Click HERE for our CEORater Podcast episode concerning the 3 “I”s.