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The Forever Bubble-Blowing Fed

The Forever Bubble-Blowing Fed

The Fed's behavior in recent months has been something out of a horror movie. The low interest rate, expansionary monetary policies introduced by former Fed Chair Bernanke and continued by former Fed Chair Yellen have dramatically accelerated under current Fed Chair Powell. Bernanke dealt in $Billions, Chairman Powell prefers $Trillions. Click any of the charts … Continue reading The Forever Bubble-Blowing Fed

TEK2day Weekend: Economic Charts<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

TEK2day Weekend: Economic ChartsPremium 

We have charted a number of economic data sets. Each chart - some more so than others - speaks to the current weakened economy and/or illustrates the inflated equity valuations we are experiencing. The latter in our view is not related to fundamentals but to the enormous liquidity the Fed has pumped into the economy. … Continue reading TEK2day Weekend: Economic ChartsPremium