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Fintech Founder 5

Fintech Founder 5

We took a snapshot from our CEORater database of Fintech companies led by Founder CEOs. The "Fintech Founder 5" consists of those companies that have generated the highest total stock return Year-to-Date. The Fintech Founder 5: GreenSky (tkr: GSKY), MSCI Inc. (tkr: MSCI), Pegasystems (tkr: PEGA), Square (tkr: SQ) and SS&C Technologies (tkr: SSNC). Click … Continue reading Fintech Founder 5

How AI Will Conquer Financial Services<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

How AI Will Conquer Financial ServicesPremium 

From Chat bots to Ambient AI. Cloud-based AI and Machine Learning technology is readily available. Large technology platform companies such as Amazon (Alexa), Google and Microsoft (Azure), encourage third-party developers to build applications and services on top of their core AI and Machine Learning platforms. This enables developers to focus resources on building value through … Continue reading How AI Will Conquer Financial ServicesPremium