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Acquire or Be Acquired: FinTech Lions and Lambs<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

Acquire or Be Acquired: FinTech Lions and LambsPremium 

FinTech market disruption has led to a bifurcation of FinTech providers - Lions and Lambs. See our "Lions & Lambs" company list with commentary at the end of this note. The FinTech space - whether it be the Capital Markets flavor or the Payments variety - is undergoing rapid change. Within Capital Markets - alternative … Continue reading Acquire or Be Acquired: FinTech Lions and LambsPremium 

JP Morgan vs. Fintech Threats<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

JP Morgan vs. Fintech ThreatsPremium 

JPM has the largest technology budget of any FI having invested approximately $11 billion in technology during 2018 with approximately $5 billion allocated toward new technology investments. This investment level is substantially larger than the new product development/ R&D investment levels of certain well known Fintech players. However, the numbers do not tell a complete … Continue reading JP Morgan vs. Fintech ThreatsPremium 

CEORater FinTech Founder 5

CEORater FinTech Founder 5

The 5 top performing FinTech stocks year-to-date (as of 11/08/18) that are led by founder CEOs. This list is based on an extract from the CEORater database (CEORater.com). Access PDF version HERE. Square (ticker: SQ) YTD stock price performance: 108.0% Green Dot (ticker: GDOT) YTD stock price performance: 55.8% Virtu Financial (ticker: VIRT) YTD stock … Continue reading CEORater FinTech Founder 5

Square’s Jack Dorsey – Technology’s Best CEO Value

Square’s Jack Dorsey – Technology’s Best CEO Value

Square's Jack Dorsey – Tech's Best Value Over Past 14 Months We dipped into our CEORater database as we regularly do and ran a query to return the Technology stocks with the greatest stock price appreciation over the period January 3rd 2017 through February 23rd 2018. We then took the Top 20 Technology Companies as … Continue reading Square’s Jack Dorsey – Technology’s Best CEO Value

Distracted CEOs and CEO Overreach<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

Distracted CEOs and CEO OverreachPremium 

We Have Entered an Unprecedented Era of Shareholder Tolerance It is interesting that corporate boards and institutional investors are willing to tolerate “Distracted CEOs” and founder CEOs who wish to exercise outsized control of the companies they founded. Both are examples of poor corporate governance. Our definition of a Distracted CEO is the CEO that … Continue reading Distracted CEOs and CEO OverreachPremium