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The Ugliest Chart I Have Ever Seen

The Ugliest Chart I Have Ever Seen

With the Money Supply (M1) up 358% since January 2020 (as of February 2021), there is simply zero percent probability that prices are not going higher. A 3-4x increase in M1 ought to inflate prices by a similar multiple. Most of the recent $1.9 Trillion (the actual cost will be higher), COVID spending program was … Continue reading The Ugliest Chart I Have Ever Seen

Stagflation Is Imminent<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

Stagflation Is ImminentPremium 

It is difficult to imagine a scenario in which the U.S. economy does not experience stagflation. Record debt levels, low labor participation, muted long-term Real GDP growth, persistent inflation and the fact that the Federal Reserve is limited in its options to fight inflation leads us to believe that stagflation is imminent. Our premium TEK2day … Continue reading Stagflation Is ImminentPremium