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Technology News from the Week: June 18th 2018

Technology News from the Week: June 18th 2018

Technology news items that caught our attention this week:

Google’s AI can now lip read better than humans after watching thousands of hours of TV: Link

Instagram takes a shot at YouTube, further distances itself from other social media platforms by rolling out long-form video: Link

One million people use Bank of America’s AI-powered virtual assistant “Erica”: Link

GM is considering an IPO for autonomous driving unit Cruise Automation: Link

Amazon faces push back related to its facial recognition platform “Rekognition”: Link

AT&T launches new streaming service – “WatchTV” – $15 per month for 30 channels: Link

Disney is willing to divest more Fox assets for deal clearance: Link

U.S. venture capitalists didn’t fund this Duke professor’s powerful facial recognition platform, so the Chinese government did: Link

Gamers rule the world. Now they have their own stadiums: Link

Twitter finds new life with young people. On Instagram: Link

Distracted CEOs and CEO Overreach<span class="badge-status" style="background:red">Premium</span> 

Distracted CEOs and CEO OverreachPremium 

We Have Entered an Unprecedented Era of Shareholder Tolerance It is interesting that corporate boards and institutional investors are willing to tolerate “Distracted CEOs” and founder CEOs who wish to exercise outsized control of the companies they founded. Both are examples of poor corporate governance. Our definition of a Distracted CEO is the CEO that…

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The Soundtrack to Your Life. Facebook Continues to Distance Itself from the Competition

The Soundtrack to Your Life. Facebook Continues to Distance Itself from the Competition

Recently Facebook (tkr: FB) signed an agreement with Universal Music Group to license UMG’s music library so that Facebook users may incorporate UMG music into user-generated content. Facebook’s Instagram platform is the hottest social media platform at the moment. Instagram kneecapped Snapchat (tkr: SNAP) earlier this year when the former rolled out its “stories” feature. Instagram has further extended its lead over Snapchat and Twitter (tkr: TWTR) by making music available to users – who essentially may create mini soundtracks for each post. Facebook’s limitless balance sheet makes the company an attractive prospective customer/partner for cash hungry music labels. We expect that UMG will be the first in a string of music licensing agreements for Facebook – effectively putting the squeeze to Twitter, Snap and any upstart social network. Snap plans to respond by rolling out a “stories”-like feature called “stories everywhere” which will extend beyond the Snapchat network.