Explosive Mobile Data Traffic Growth & New Use Cases

Explosive Mobile Data Traffic Growth & New Use Cases

Ericsson forecasts a five-fold increase in mobile data traffic from year-end 2019 (approximately 33 Exabytes consumed per month) through 2025 (approximately 164 Exabytes consumed per month). This does not include wireless data traffic.

New protocols (5G), new services (AR/VR, streaming, work-from-home, remote medicine), and consumer connected device growth will help drive this trend. Phones today account for approximately 95% of mobile data consumption.

It is easy to imagine use cases such as remote video health consultations, financial consultations, residential home showings, commercial real estate site selection and more quickly becoming the norm. Post COVID, companies of all walks will benefit if they can deliver secure, high quality online experiences.

Imagine the high net worth client that has an online consultation with her advisor where she and the advisor connect via Zoom Video. Portfolio holdings, performance attribution and other relevant data are displayed with dynamic, 3D graphics made possible via a collaboration between Microsoft Mixed Reality and SS&C Tech.

Or the consumer who reviews the label and instructions on his prescription medicine via an augmented reality app created by Conduent.

Mobile data: Exabytes consumed per month. Click to enlarge or download. Source: Ericsson.