Random Thoughts On Google

Random Thoughts On Google

Some random thoughts on Google..

Google has an IR problem. For a company that grew constant currency revenues by 7% in the December quarter GOOGL shares ought to be trading higher. It’s clear that investors don’t fully understand the story. Google can simplify the story with a smarter IR effort. If the cloud around Google persists, the company could always take a page out of Dr. John Malone’s handbook and spin off assets beginning with YouTube.

Voice is the future of Search. Whether we are talking about Internet search, searching ones photos, or searching YouTube, etc. – the future of search will be voice-driven and will occur over the phone. Try comparing Google Assistant to Siri and let me know what you think. Microsoft used to have a play in this area but bowed out. Bing with a ChatGPT overlay is not a search gamechanger, even if Google does not release a version of Bard powered by a non watered-down version of LaMDA in the near-to-intermediate term.

AI. Most every product SKU if not all of Google’s product SKUs include some elements of broadly-defined artificial intelligence / machine learning / advanced analytics. From traditional Search, to Google Assistant, to Google Cloud (including Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace), to Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Lens, YouTube (Standard, Premium, Music and TV), to Gmail and more – these products and services are imbued with artificial intelligence / machine learning / advanced analytics. Microsoft and Apple are light years behind Google in AI. Only China competes on Google’s level in the field of AI.

We played with some numbers and decided to include them in this article.